Hi I'm Kirstie! I'm a small town girl, originally from a small sleepy beachside town outside of Adelaide. I moved to Darwin with my parents in my early teens, and met the amazing man I now call my hubby a few years later. Together we have travelled around Australia, driven from one end to other, even camped on the side of the road, and have lived in almost every capital city. In my early twenties I managed to travel a little of Europe and had a brief stint as a carefree backpacker before coming home to Australia to marry the man of my dreams and settle down. While we both long for a slow paced lifestyle and to be beside the beach, where I feel truly at home, for the time being we have settled in Brisbane, where I am very happy to spend my days in our old Queenslander cottage, drinking endless cups of coffee, and being at home with my two beautiful girls Isla and Lily.  My girls are the centre of my world, they have brought so much meaning into my life, have taught me so much about myself, and it is thanks to them that my love and passion for photography has grown into what it is today.

I would describe my photography journey as a steady but slow one. It has always been a part of my life. I studied photography in high-school, learning the basics on an old canon film camera (even developing my own black and white film in a dark room!) and I always carried a little 'point and shoot' camera around (in the days before the convenience of camera phones) to capture the crazy adventures we had. However, it was when my first daughter Isla was born that my passion for photography was really ignited, and it has grown with them documenting their lives.

Eventually the time came that my own family became a little tired of me pulling out my camera to snap their every move, and that was when I decided to make beautiful memories for others. I love nothing more than to capture real-life, the in-between moments when families aren't looking at me trying to force a smile, but rather looking at each other, playing, laughing, crying... just feeling all the feels that it is to be human and surrounded by love. I want that feeling to be documented forever, so when you look back in years to come that photo invokes a wave of nostalgia so strong it is like you are back in that moment once again.


My tiny humans captured by Lauren from Love Her Wild Photography
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Kirstie is a family, lifestyle and wedding photograpaher servicing Brisbane, Ipswich, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast & Byron Bay. I love an adventure so get in touch and lets make some magic. 

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