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Loved up at home with Arley Fern

Updated: Jun 25, 2019

I first met Kisha and Darren at a beautiful sunrise session at Southport beach when Kisha was 36 weeks pregnant. I felt an immediate connection with this gorgeous and laid back couple, and even though it was only my second ever maternity session they were so relaxed behind the camera it made my job almost too easy. They have such an incredible relationship with each other, they just radiate love and I hardly needed to guide them through the maternity session. They were so beautifully intimate, and had such an incredible fun energy together that I just stood back in awe as they watched the sunrise above the ocean, and anticipated the arrival of their tiny girl in just a few weeks time.

When Arley was born, I was so honoured that Kisha and Darren invited me back to their home to document their precious moments as a new family of three. When I arrived Arley Fern was fast asleep in her bassinet, and Kisha and Darren were once again so relaxed and easy going, they were proud new parents and eager to tell me all about the journey so far with their little babe.

Tiny Arley was 8 pounds of pure perfection, from the little milk pimples on the end of her nose, down to her skinny long toes on her tiny wrinkly feet, she melted my heart and I still cant get enough of her! Kisha is such an incredibly nurturing, and natural first time mum, she spent most of our session breastfeeding her sweet babe, of which I was more than happy to document, as I live for these raw and intimate moments of motherhood. I quite literally could of spent all day with this beautiful family, I feel so blessed to have met them and I wish them all the best on this new and incredible adventure together xx

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