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Sacred bond/ Group Motherhood Session

Updated: Jun 25, 2019

Every mother has a unique story to tell, whether their pregnancy was a planned one, a surprise, a long awaited one through IVF, or they miscarried or even lost a child, we all experience a journey like no other. From the moment we find out we are growing a tiny person inside our womb we are no longer only responsible for ourselves, and we learn to accept that our bodies, which will go through continuous changes are no longer our own. As we watch our bellies swell and begin to feel those tiny kicks, our hearts grow bigger than we could have ever imaged, our identity goes through a significant shift, and we become a part of the sacred circle of motherhood.

Women have the unique ability to be both tender and strong, both physically and mentally. Our bodies although soft and delicate, are the creators of life and the journey through pregnancy, birth and beyond is a reminder of just how powerful they really are. Childbirth is a transformative process, when a baby is born so is a mother and our bodies deserve to be celebrated for the changes they have undergone to grow and sustain a new life. We are natural nurturers, we love fiercely and would go to any lengths to protect our babies, and it is this bond that keeps us strong through the sleepless nights, and the days where we have nothing left to give.

As a mother myself, I am naturally drawn to the intimate bond between mothers and their babies. And as a photographer I am continuously inspired by the beautiful images on social media celebrating women's bodies through all stages of motherhood, and through this an idea for my own take on a motherhood project was born. I asked my beautiful friend Hannah, from Maleo Photography to join this creative project with me because I knew she shared the same passion that I do for capturing the raw and intimate moments of families, and it also helped me give the confidence boost I needed to bring the idea to life. I like to think that together we didn't just create a photo shoot, but an experience that has helped these incredible brave women to feel strong and comfortable in their own skin. Whether they were friends or had just met for the first time didn't matter. They all came together to create a safe and inclusive space where they could share stories, feel supported no matter where they are in their journey or the choices they have made, and together embrace the beautiful chaos that is motherhood. I am incredibly thankful to these incredible brave women for allowing us to document these beautiful moments for them.

We are looking for more women to get involved, so if you are interested we would love to hear from you! For now I will leave you with some words from a couple of the beautiful mummas who help to make this project possible.

“As someone who always cared about my figure, I worked hard to keep in shape. Having no control over how my body would change during pregnancy was something I was always apprehensive about, but it’s been the most amazing thing to watch what the human body is capable of doing and how beautiful it would be. I want to thank both Hannah and Kirstie for celebrating the beauty in pregnancy and motherhood , and capturing these amazing moments In Our lives. “ Rachael.

To spend a sunset with other mothers with their own stories and their own journeys, coming together to celebrate the same thing “mother hood, love and family”. Made to feel special, beautiful and to have beautiful moments with our own little loves. Truley grateful I could be apart of this amazing photo shoot thought up and made possible by Kirstie and Hannah. Samantha xx

This is just the first series of this project, and between Hannah and myself we hope to hold motherhood sessions in various locations across the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, Gold coast and Northern Rivers. If you would like to participate, or would simply like more information about the sessions please feel free to get in touch.

Kirstie xx

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